Book Dreaming the Child Self Whole

My book ‘Dreaming the Child Self Whole’ is now available on Amazon.

‘Dreaming the Child Self Whole, Healing Childhood Trauma through Dreams’ is both a memoir and an account of how one woman uses dreams to heal from the after effects of childhood sexual abuse. This unique path of healing leads her to further question her upbringing and subsequent life choices, including romantic relationships and her spiritual affiliations.Dreaming the Child Self Whole by Raymonde Savoie

Along with journal entries, the author recounts her dreams and how they entwine together as associations between abuse, childhood fears and adult illnesses, as well as illuminating negative religious influences in her family and village life.

Even though written in the first person, the author invites the reader on a journey of shared revelations and insights that touch a common chord in each of us: seeking help with healing from abandonment, addictions, inner child and relationship issues, to name a few.

This memoir may speak for others who have undergone the same suffering and never told anyone about it, as the author delayed telling for lack of courage, support and opportunity. May it be different for the reader! May anyone who reads this book have the courage to reach out and seek help when they need it, for they must realise and truly believe: they are not alone!


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