Nature Inspires Me

Mossy Haven   Morning Light   Kennebecasis River

Nature Inspires Me

What inspires you? To think, muse, write, create, love and laugh? Every day is a new opportunity to open wide the senses, take it/breathe it all in and absorb every morsel from out there… Let it sink in deep in here.

A meditation to honour the morning, nature and her children…

Ritual of the Morn

Poised on the opening edge of the day
As a little kid sits on a rock by the river bank
dangling my feet in moist free air
I watch the river rush by
images flash reflections to capture

The first meal is to scoop up a bit of the river
with my pen-line, the flow as bait:
writing is like feeding myself
the ink life-serum for my soul
the page, the ever-hungry
always-thirsty, receptacle blotter leafs
that line my pantry shelves

I am always hungry in the early morning
my dreams have tantalised my imagination
with apéritifs that pique a curious appetite
so I nibble, listening to messages
the birds bring on their wings
hearing the wind whisper about the night
gazing at what the trees are wearing

Never exhausted by the rushing gushing river
never satisfied, never satiated
A ritual to open wide my hours
A spiritual reconnaissance
A hearty feast to start the day